About Us

Premier Financial Services began its operations in 2005 and is led by Larry Grant.


Larry received his bachelor’s degree (with an advertising major and business minor) from the University of Florida in 1983 and his M.B.A. (with a concentration in real estate/finance) from the University of Miami in 1985.

Professional Background

His entrée into the financial arena began with Advest, Inc. where he worked as a broker in the secondary mortgage market for approximately three years. His expertise was working with upper management of financial institutions on a national level, marketing and helping to negotiate the purchases and sales of large blocks of residential mortgages. Larry has since worked in various capacities within the marketing and financial arenas of business and brings this experience, passion, and focus to Premier Financial Services.

Company Mission & Strategy

We are passionate about matching our clients’ unique business and real estate financing needs with the right sources of capital.  To achieve this, we diligently work with our clients to thoroughly understand their business models, nuances, and specific financial challenges before seeking to identify appropriate solutions and introduce them to the right “money”.

Where You Come In

If you need commercial real estate or business financing, please feel free to start a conversation here or to call us directly (704.644.8725) for honest, complimentary feedback on your specific situation.  We are quite approachable and you can be assured that we will do our best to help.

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